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MANU LOUIS is available for solo shows, DJ sets or other collaborations.


Belgium born, Manu Louis travels with a wide array of electronic instruments and video projections of pop stars and animals to deliver passionate performances that tend to morph into an impromptu discos.

Manu's music mixes high and low culture and creates curious and provocative, de-contextualized juxtapositions. 


His unmistakable touch remains the same throughout the work, but the material varies: from dissident French chanson, genial dilettante, avant-garde compositions, new beat, art-pop & hard bop.

In the past few years Manu performed at over 300 festivals and clubs across Europe and Asia.


Recent collaborations: visual artists Escif & Systaime, Garrett List ’30 piece chamber 

orchestra Orchestra Vivo, Chinese singer/composer Song Yuzhe, Spanish instrument builder/musician Truna, electronic duo Front de Cadeaux, dub wizzard Too Smooth Christ and Belgian singer Carl Roossens.




Manu   Louis

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