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LIMPE FUCHS is available for live performances and workshops.

Limpe has been a performing and recording artist for the past 50 years. Play Loud! Productions are currently working on a series of re-issues of her work.

She studied classical piano and violin in Munich and percussion with Hans Holzl, citing avant-garde composers such as Murray Schaefer and John Cage as her early musical influences.

Limpe prefers to call herself a percussionist in the tradition of soundscape artists, yet it's also clear that the visual aspect of her work has always
received an equal amount of attention as the acoustic.

Over her multi-decade spanning career she has
continued experimenting with “no formalism” improvisational sound and visual performance using handmade instruments and sound sculptures. The engaging performances are meant to be carefully listened to.

Limpe's career began in the late sixties with Anima along her then partner, sculptor Paul Fuchs. At one point they were touring on a tractor travelling at 30km/h which pulled the stage.

She has been accredited as a seminal influence on the Krautrock movement, as well as the experimental underground of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Limpe Fuchs often creates pieces for theater.  

Live Friedrich Gulda & Limpe Fuchs: Consonanza Personale (1986)


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