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LES TRUCS are available for live shows, tape DJ sets and a variety of artistic collaborations + DAS KINN - Toben's solo project.

LT are two humanoids with a pile of electronic gadgetry. Half flesh, half wire.  

With their fast and energetic live-shows, the Frankfurt-based duo is building a scenery made out of noise, composition, voice and dance, always performing from the center of the room.

Charlotte Simon and Toben Piel work together as Les Trucs since 2008.
From the nursery, via fine art studies and a proper punk background, it started as a band and 
expanded further to examine the intersection of music and theater.

Their work is directly connected to the surroundings - sound-concepts for urban spaces, compositions for moving choirs or a science fiction manifesto. 

Les Trucs have played concerts all around Europe, Russia, Israel and Japan.

They run the tape label
 MMODEMM for experimental and electronic music.







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