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JEMEK JEMOWIT is available for live shows
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Having grown up in West Berlin with Polish roots, Jemek (musician, DJ and conceptual artist) is particularly known for his drastic style changes.

His lyrics are anarchic as they are dadaist, in both German and Polish.

Jemek has worked with Spanish glam rocker Luis Miguélez, Electro-pop duo Jeans Team, techno-pioneer Marc Acardipane and others.


The debut "Zemsta" (Polish for "revenge") was released on Fabrika Records in 2011.
Follow-up "Tekkno Polo" combined Berlin underground with the polish controversial Disco Polo movement of the early 90s, with two follow ups making a Polish trillogy.

In his rap-debut "Jemek Jemowit is Doktor Dres" Jemek sailed smoothly between old-school Hip-Hop, Trap and the more familiar EBM.

In "Das Satanische Album" ("The Satanic Album",
Cleopatra Records, US) he converts to Satanism: A punk sermon with impulsive electro beats. 



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