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   Wedding Soundwalk

        Created by kids and edited by Manu Louis for UI Festival 2023
              Composed by Felicien, Jonas, Nikolina, Yami, Maria, Paul, Zoe, Sebastian, Lukas, Anton, Julia


  • After the initial screening at gr_und gallery on 10.12 at the UI Festival, you can watch the video simulation of the soundwalk below (right). You can also experience it on location at your own convenience (map of the soundwalk stations - video on the left).


  • To experience it in person, bring an audio device (such as a telephone) and headphones. Go to the Panke river at Pankestrasse and follow the map while listening to the music (click on the video once you're at point 1, or alternatively, download the sound file and the image here and here.

    Follow the Panke river going from one spot to another.Stay at every spot until the audio file tells you to move to the next one (in German).




Video simulation:

The finest in music that's Out There.